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 [ Judy, 11 Weeks Picture #4 ]   This is Judy here, everybody loves me. I'm a Jack Russell Terrier and smart as a whip. I do lots of tricks that my daddy taught me, but my speciality is being cute. I know how to do over twenty commands now (see my Command Summary), and am learning more every day. People think I'm cute and cuddly, but I have more courage than a German shepherd and more tenacity than a pit bull. I like to dive and swim in the pool, where I can keep my cool, but mostly I love running around chasing squirrels. I enjoy watching any movie or TV show, as long as there is a horse or two and maybe another dog. My favorite snacks are chicken nuggets and ice cream, but I love people food the most, even though the Vet says it's bad for me. My Daddy takes me on walks all the time where I get to see all my dog and people friends, and as I said before Everybody Loves Me.

Judy playing Snoutball.

Two of Judy's six puppies, born 08/01/2000
Sleeping Beauty - 2 hours old
A cute little girl - 2 hours old
New Puppy Pix! 08/20/2000 - 3 weeks old!
I'm in charge! Two Spots (now Maxine) Two Spots and Lieut
Boy - Picture #1 9/16/2000
Boy - Picture #2 9/16/2000
Three Wild Dogs - Action Photo 9/28/2000
Maxine doing a "STAY" 10/20/2000
Judy and Maxine being good 11/7/2000
Maxine's Face up Close 1/15/2001
Here are some nice pictures of Mr. Noodle, formally "Boy", at 7 months age. He is Judy's only male puppy. Mr. Noodle lives in New Mexico, near Pecos.
Mr. Noodle #1 Mr. Noodle #2 Mr. Noodle #3
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Judy's Friends: Friends
Check this out: First Puppy Pictures - Judy's X-ray
Press Release - Online Birth

06/2000: Great News! Judy is pregnant! Judy mated with her new boyfriend, Roper and should have a litter early August/2000. We're hoping for at least 3 puppies. Right now she's not slowing down yet, but she's starting to show a little. Being a mother is tough on a little dog.

07/2000: Latest News! Judy is starting to look like a cross between a silk purse and a pot bellied pig's ear. Everything is going ok so far. We made a visit to the vet so he knows what to expect. So good so far...

07/27/2000: Puppy-Cam Online! Judy is now online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with her new "Puppy-Cam" site! Visitors can view a new picture every 15 minutes.

08/01/2000: Judy delivers! - Judy gave birth to six healthy puppies today, five girls and one boy! Congratulations!

09/04/2000: Cute Dog Cam offline - The puppies are too big to stay inside anymore, no camera outside.

Coldies in the Sun 12/30/2000

We expected a maximum of three puppies, but ended up with six! We've already placed three of the little ones before they were even born, but now have three extras that are going to need good (really good) homes. If you are interested in adopting one of Judy's offspring, please read the guidelines below. These guidelines are for your protection! JRT's aren't toy lap dogs, but are serious hunting dogs. Being a "working" breed doesn't mean they can't be great house dogs, but they have to be handled different or you will loose your furniture, shoes, keys, remotes, cell phones, pagers, anything that isn't nailed down.

Adoption Guidelines: (sorry, all Judy's puppies found good homes, but here are some good JRT guidelines anyway)
  • Time to spare for training.
  • A Fenced back yard.
  • Financial commitment to meet the puppy's ongoing needs.
  • Patience and love
  • Read and understand the risks involved ( see: Jack Russell Terrier Club of America, Inc. ).
  • Willing to make a commitment to the puppy for life.
  • Have someone at home most of the time.
  • No household cats (see "risks" above).
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In Memoriam to King Timber

 [ King Timber ]

"Timber would have loved Judy, and for a very good reason: Timber loved the girls. He could detect a female in heat within a 5-mile radius. One whiff and he would take off. To make contact, he would chew down doors, tunnel under houses, and rip apart screens. So, to pacify irate neighbors, sometimes we had to tie him up. He became so agitated during these times that we had to take him down to the Hudson River for romps in the icy water to cool off. Timber had other talents as well. He could beat up any male dog on the planet. And he could outrun most deer. He was also a great ball player, and never missed a fly ball.

A little kid brought Timber to our door when he was five weeks old and asked us if we would adopt him. His mother wouldn't let him have him. So he lived with us for 16 years. We sure miss him." Judy's note: Timber was my Daddy's first dog.

In Memoriam to Maxine

 [ Maxine ]

Maxine died today, October 26, 2009 around midnight. She had been ailing for the last few months and took a turn for the worse about a month ago when she stopped eating on her own. Sunday she wasn't able to keep anything down and fell fast. Today she got a lot worse and we scheduled her to go into the vet for the final visit on Tuesday or Wednesday. Tonight she died at home quietly in a coma. We don't know what was wrong with her, it defied all the tests our vet could think of.

Maxine was a good dog. She never did anything wrong, was loyal, loving and her highest desire was to make the people around her happy. She was always near us and a joy to have around. Maxine was the first of our animals to embrace Catherine and also helped Catherine understand that pets need to be treated nice.

Maxine was born August 1st, 2000 and died at a young age of nine years. She is buried in the back yard, under a nice tree in a spot that gets sun in the morning and shade in the afternoons. Maxine loved lying in the morning sun, she is missed by us all greatly.

In Memoriam to Judy

 [ Judy ]

Judy died today, July 23, 2013. She had a fairly massive heart attack about a month ago that left her quite weak and in failing health. She was coping last week but Saturday night she had what must have been another heart attack. On Sunday morning, I found her panting and listless. She recovered enough by the evening to eat a tiny meal but that was it. On Monday she refused water and food and appeared quite uncomforatble. On Tuesday she could barely lift her head and was having difficulty breathing. She told me she had enough. She went quietly, without any pain or suffering at All Animal Hospital in Olive Branch, Mississippi.

Judy was the best dog ever. That's the thing that comes to mind. She was incredibly smart and learned things in an instant. She loved playing ball, chasing everything, playing games and digging for moles. Her most favorite thing was sleeping under my desk while I worked.

Judy was born August 13th, 1997. She lived 16 years of great life. She will be with me always.

Considering a Jack Russell Terrier for a pet? before jumping into it, check out the JRT Web site. Read the page "Is the Jack Russell the Right Dog for You?" - this will give some incite as to what a JRT requires.
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