Judy's Command Summary





Business Do required bodily functions OK 10/97
Sit Sit Down with rear paws tucked in OK 10/97
Stay Remain in current position until release with “OK” OK 10/97
Down Lie down, in a Sphinx-like position, with front paws together OK 10/97
No Pull Don’t pull on the leash 80% 11/97
Go Go into the crate OK 11/97
Stop Stop whatever you're doing OK 11/97
Kill It Shake a toy back and forth as in a “kill” 80% 11/97
Trip Get ready to go somewhere, either a walk or in the car OK 11/97
Quiet Stop barking or whining OK 11/97
Open Open the door, used only on doors that push to open OK 11/97
Over Roll over on back, with paws vertical OK 12/97
Up Stand up on rear legs, with front paws tucked in OK 12/97
Off Get off of whatever (legs, table, chair, etc.) OK 12/97
Come Come to the caller, usually proceeded by name, as in: “Judy Come” OK 01/98
Heel Walk along the left side, slightly to the rear of the leash holder 75% 02/98
Ramp Run up the ramp (an incline of about 45°, 12” wide, leading to a platform) OK 02/98
Shake While in a “Sit”, lift the right paw until at least 90° off the floor OK 02/98
1,2,3 GO Prepare to run for the ball, and take off when the “GO” command is heard OK 02/98
Other While in a “Sit”, lift the left paw until at least 90° off the floor OK 03/98
Potty Go to the required area and do “Business” 90% 03/98
Kiss Give a single lick to the commander’s nose OK 03/98
Speak Give a single “bark” OK 03/98
In Pull open the door from the outside using a strap to enter the house OK 03/98

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